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All commercial products from Sendiri are available as demonstration builds that are time-limited or feature-restricted because we believe very firmly in being able to try before you buy.

Once you have decided that a product is useful to you, a licence can be purchased to make the product usable without such restrictions and you may continue to enjoy it indefinitely on your current system.

Sendiri strives to fix all bugs in existing products for free, and to adapt all products to revisions of the hardware, operating system and other software, where significant re-engineering work is not required. Corrective revisions of software are made available through the store and may be downloaded for use under your existing licence.

Licence types

Our licensing scheme supports different types of licences to meet your specific needs. Each product is available under one or more of the following licence types:

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Software products and full licences purchased from the Sendiri Store may be downloaded again at any point in the event of storage failure or other mishap.

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