Z80as - Z80 cross-assembler and linker for RISC OS


A cross-assembler and linker for the Z80 processor which was written many years ago, though even then the Z80 was rapidly disappearing. I suppose it could still be of some use to electronics hobbyists but that's about all. Anyway, it's here if you want it.

The assember/linker is implemented as a single command-line program which is invoked by a simple user interface supplied by the FrontEnd module, a la the tools in the Acorn C/C++ DDE. A few example source files are included and were used to test the tool, but I should observe that it was never used in anger on any substantial projects.

VNC server

I keep the latest alpha-quality (at best) release of my VNC server for RISC OS here. It is, as of March 2010, being updated fairly regularly and is just about usable, although you'll have to exercise some patience. It's presently very memory hungry (about 30MB), rather slow, and not yet stable. You have been warned! That said, it's more usable for me than any of the servers I've previously tried on RISC OS.


Pulse2 (The Iyonix Killer!) It seems that this small program is particularly good at freezing Iyonixes; what happens is that, if audio is playing in the background, the audio will cease and some time later the CPU itself will freeze, often upon the next disk access.

If you find that this program doesn't cause a freeze on your machine and you have a HiNT bridge chip, or if it does and you have an Intel 21154 bridge, I'd like to know please.

This problem is resolved by the PCI bus modification issued by Castle Technology Ltd

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