Aemulor Downloads

This page holds assorted versions of the Aemulor 26-bit emulator and compatibility layer to download and use with your 32-bit RISC OS machines.

Please be sure to download the appropriate version for your target machine, because other versions will refuse to start. The core code is machine-specific, for correct operation and/or for higher performance.

The latest development version should be considered potentially unstable, and only be started on demand (ie. do not install it in your boot sequence because it could be difficult to remove it in the event of a failure). Also, keep your earlier version available to use instead, in case of compatibility issues with old 26-bit applications and/or OS updates that you need.

Latest development version

To download the latest, potentially unstable, development build of Aemulor, choose the appropriate build for your target machine from the list below.

Aemulor can also be built for use on RPCEmu to run 26-bit applications on 32-bit RISC OS 5, and I shall aim to make this build available shortly.

NOTE: The above builds should operate on builds of RISC OS that relocate the CPU vectors and kernel workspace (referred to as 'Zero Page protection') and protect 26-bit applications from this change. However, as a practical measure, I do not have ZPP and non-ZPP builds for all machines (or, in one case, the machine itself!). If you find problems, please let me know.

For anyone who is still interested in a version for the A9home I may able to supply one, although since the OS port was rather immature and because I have not built Aemulor for that target in many years, I can offer no guarantee of success.

Older released versions

Older, formally released and documented versions of Aemulor are available below and may still be preferable for use if there are issues with the latest development version (it is not practicable for me to test every version with every 26-bit application used by every user!) or if there are compatibility issues with specific OS versions:

Thanks to Neil Spellings for publishing and supporting Aemulor over the many years since its creation in 2002. For anyone who is interested in the story of its serendipitous creation, I have recorded my recollections of that time To be continued...

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